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Battery EA-BL06
Battery Li-Ion battery EA-BL06 for SL-5xxx / SL-C700 / SL-C750 series. Time for a full charge appr. 3 hours.
Battery 49,99 EUR
The 'big' EA-BL08K
battery 1700 mAh Li-Ion battery EA-BL08K. For use with SL-5600, SL-C700 (needs modification), SL-C750, SL-C760, SL-C860, SL-C1000 and SL-C3000. Comes with black bottom cover.
Battery 104,90 EUR
The EA-BL11
battery 1800 mAh Li-Ion battery EA-BL11. For use with SL-C1000, SL-C3000 and SL-C3100. Fits into the older Zaurus that can hold a 'big' battery.
Battery 101,50 EUR
Battery charger
battery charger Battery charger CE-BC21 for external charge of the EA-BL06 battery. For 100-240V AC. AC cord appr. 2m. Dimensions: 65x80x26,5 mm (WxDxH). Weight: appr. 75g. About 3 hours to fully charge an EA-BL06.
Can also charge EA-BL08 / EA-BL11 after modification.
Battery charger 74,99 EUR
Docking station
SL-5500 docking station Docking station CE-ST7 for the SL-5500G. Using the EA-70S AC adaptor the Zaurus can be charged while placed in the docking station. Connection to the PC via USB cable. It's also possible to connect the serial cable (CE-170TS) to the docking station.
USB docking station 69,99 EUR
AC adaptor
The AC adaptor AC adaptor EA-70S for all Zaurus models. Charges the Zaurus and can be connected to the CE-ST7 docking station. May also be used with the CE-170TS serial cable.
For use with 110-240 Volts.
AC adaptor 49,50 EUR
Original replacement stylus
Replacement stylus Original SHARP replacement stylus.
Replacement stylus 9,99 EUR
Original replacement cover
Replacement cover The original cover as spare part for the SL-5xxx Zaurus.
Original display cover 13,90 EUR
The CF-camera card
CF-camera card SHARP CE-AG06 CF camera card: 350.000 Pixel. Resolutions: Landscape 240x160 or 480x320. Portrait 120x160, 240x320, 480x640. 2xZoom. Objective turnable, with fokus ring and shutter release. For SL-55xx and SL-C7/8 series.
no longer available
serial cable
The serial cable Serial cable CE-170TS. Used to connect the Zaurus via CE-ST7 docking station or via the SHARP I/O Port to a PC using a serial communication. Connector: 16-pin plug (SHARP Zaurus I/O-Port or docking station), 9-pin female plug for PC side. The CE-170TS has a jack for the EA-70S AC-adaptor. Cable length: appr. 1,5m. Weight: appr. 65g.
serial cable 64,99 EUR
Downloads for the SL-C860.
Informations about the Bluetooth-adaptor for Zaurus.
Repairs and warranty information
Information about warranty and repairs.
Informations about the IrDA-port at the Zaurus.
Compact Flash GPS card
More informations about the billionton GPS-card!
Infopages about WiFi.

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