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ARCHIVE! Device no longer available!
Zaurus SL-C1000 The SHARP SL-C1000 'Zaurus' - Linux PMT from SHARP.
As the successor of the popular SL-C860 SHARP presents the SL-C1000.
The SL-C1000 has the same dimensions and specifications like the SL-C3000, but is equipped with 128 MB flash-memory instead of the 4 GB harddisk. This makes the SL-C1000 an improved SL-C860 with faster processor, a slightly better battery and the USB-host capable port that was introduced with the SL-C3000.
What happened so far:
  • Product start in Japan was 03/18/2005.
  • We got the first shipment on 03/24/2005.
  • We made the localisation and the manual.
  • Now the first sample is in the EMV laboratory.
  • EMV-testing successfully finished.
  • We sell the SL-C1000.
  • What's in the box ?
    SHARP SL-C1000 with english user interface. A stylus. A german or english quickstart manual. A battery (original EA-BL11). A USB-cable to connect with a PC and a USB-host cable. All in original packaging with the japanese manual (funny) and the japanese CD-ROM!
    TRIsoft ships the Zaurus with the original european/US (100-240 Volts) AC adaptor EA-70S !
    The SL-C1000 is NOT available at SHARP Europe. The units are imported and fully supported by TRIsoft. Please point all inquiries about these product to us. Either by Email or phone : +49 511 94294-0 .
    shop SL-C1000 for 395,-- EUR
    Technical data
    • Typ: Personal Mobile Tool
    • CPU: Intel® XScale™ (PXA270, 416 MHz)
    • Display: 640 x 480 dots, 3,7", 65,536-color
      backlight Display
    • Memory: 128 MB flash memory
      64 MB SDRAM
    • cardslots: CF Typ II, SD
    • Infrarot (IrDA 1.2), USB
    • Audiojack
    • integrated keyboard
    • powersupply: Lithium-Ion battery, EA-BL11
    • Dimensions: 124 x 87 x 25 millimeter
    • Weight: ca. 278 gramm
    shop SL-C1000 for 395,-- EUR
    Repairs and warranty information
    Information about warranty and repairs.

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