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Compact Flash GPS receiver
Compact Flash GPS card for the Zaurus The Billionton CF-GPS card is one of the smallest GPS receiver available on the market. The card looks very robust and is filled with high tech. Battery power consumption is low with 160mA and only 20mA in stand-by mode.

Compact Flash GPS card for the Zaurus In the box: GPS card, external active antenna with appr. 2,5m cable and a driver CD. The CD is only needed if the card is to be used in a PC. The Zaurus accepts the card without installing any drivers first.

You need GPS-software to use this card with your Zaurus. Links to appropriate software is listed in the "Informations" box.

If you have installed the card and some software on your Zaurus and are wondering (like we did) why there's no position or satellites displayed, you should go out in the open. Concrete is a fine shield and you'll have not much luck with testing inside a building.

During our tests the Billionton GPS card was pretty precise and fast in position updates. The power consumption is acceptable and the ease-of-use for this card is perfect. We were also very satisfied with the external antenna and the long cable that is already bundled in the box.
GPS- Software at Killefiz
GPS- Software in z-portal.info
ZROUTE Development of a route planner

Manufacturer informations:
BIL-GPS-CF at the Billionton Homepage
GeoCaching GPS can be big fun
We would like to thank our customer Mr. Augspurger who found out the NMEA codes:

  • WASS Mode Disable
  • WASS Mode Enable
  • Power Save Mode Disable
  • Power Save Mode Enable
  • Cold Start
  • Warm Start
  • Hot Start

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09 43' 34,91821" eastern langitude and
52 19' 35,00977" northern latitude.
Voltage:3,3 Volts
Power consumption: 160 mA
Average consumption: 38 mA
Stand-By: less than 20 mA
Reaction: less 1 second
Warmstart: less than 36 seconds
Coldstart: less than 45 seconds using active antenna
Interface: Compact Flash type I
Protocol: Auto select
Baud rate: 4800 bps
Dimensions: 87.87 x 42.8 x 10.4 mm
Frequency: L1, 1575.42MHz
C/A: 1.023MHz data rate
Channels: 12 channels all-in-view tracking
Antenna: integrated, optional: bundled active antenne with magnetic mount
Protocols: NMEA & SiRF
Precision: 25 meters CEP
Date: WGS-84
Height: 18000m max.
Velocity: 700 knots max.
Acceleration: 4g max.
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If the Zaurus doesn't find the GPS card, please check in the program settings that the serial port is set to "TTYS3".
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